Herbal Medicine

How does Chinese Herbal Medicine work?

Chinese herbal medicines treat the underlying causes of illness rather than individual symptoms. At the Acupuncture Work1s, we apply a holistic approach to the use of herbs to address physical, emotional and spiritual issues. Once our practitioner has assessed a patient’s specific needs, a formula is prescribed to stimulate the body’s natural healing powers. While most over-the-counter herbal products can only address physical ailments with standardized, pre-formulated dosing, This focus on individualization puts the patient’s specific needs in the forefront, and just as importantly, takes into consideration any possible interactions with prescribed medications.

Herbs used in Chinese medicine

Chinese herbal medicines are mainly plant-based, but some preparations include minerals or animal products. They can be packaged as powders, pastes, lotions or tablets, depending on the herb and its intended use. Different herbs have different properties and can balance particular parts of the body. Prescribing a particular herb or concoction of herbs means the practitioner’s diagnosis has to take into account the state of the patient’s Yin and Yang, and the elements that are governing the affected organs.

Benefits of Herbal Medicine

The most valuable benefit of an herbal consultant is specifically designed to address each person’s unique set of needs. You can benefit if you are:

  • Looking for greater balance and harmony
  • A person with an acute or chronic condition such as allergies, asthma, migraines, IBS, and insomnia
  • Someone with emotional challenges such as anxiety, stress, fear, addictions, anger, grief, or depression
  • Looking for caring and compassionate practitioners who listen
  • Ready for an alternative, yet proven solution to health issues.
Patent Herbs

Our dispensary stocks many commonly used formulas in tablet, capsule, and pill form. We purchase high-quality prepared formulas from GMP certified Chinese herbal companies. Prepared herbs cannot be modified for the individual patient, but are popular because of their convenience.

Special Considerations

Herbs can act on the body as powerfully as pharmaceutical drugs and should be treated with the same caution and respect. Some herbs can be toxic in high doses, while others can cause allergic reactions. Make sure your practitioner is fully qualified. Never abandon your regular medication or alter the dose without the knowledge and approval of your doctor.

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F.A.Q. Herbs

Is Chinese Herbal Medicine Safe?

It sure can! When prescribed by those approximately trained, such as the practitioners here at Acupuncture Works, Chinese Herbal Medicine Sure can be safe. If a patient is currently taking prescription medication or even if a patient needs to be on herbal medicine your experienced practitioner can help be your guide to your most effective treatment options.

Do the herbs coming from china contain any heavy metals, herbicides, or pesticides?

As the FDA does not currently monitor herbal medicine this is a very good question. Not all herbal medicines are created equal and some can be downright dangerous. Ultimately any person taking an herbal or supplement wants to make sure it has the ingredient claiming on the label and none of the extras you don’t want. When choosing herbal medicine you want to look for the label “GMP’ standard. The “GMP’ stands for Good Manufacturing Practices and comes from Australia. Worldwide this is the highest standard available ensuring no herbicides, pesticides, heavy metal, arsenic or endangered species. Here at Acupuncture Works, we have high standards for our patient’s care and only carry brands with the “GMP” stamp! We feel better about those we prescribe and we’re sure you do too.

How long will I need to take an herbal Supplement?

Every person’s situation is different, and every herbal supplement works differently. As a general rule, more acute conditions may only need 1-2 weeks of herbal. Whereas, more chronic cases may require 3-6 months of the continued supplement.

What is the difference between a single herb vs Chinese herbal formulas?

Typically Chinese herbal formulas are made up of single herbs. They combine complex formulation some that originated 220 AD! They can be helpful in the treatment of complicated chronic conditions. While some may choose to utilize single herbs for much simpler problems such as peppermint (Bo He) for some Nasal disturbance.

Are there any go-to formulas to be Fall and winter ready?

We also recommend stocking up must-have essentials
Bi Min Gan Wan (Nasal Allergy tea pill)
Gan Mao Ling Wan (Common Cold effective remedy)
Yin Chiao San (Stop Cold early pill)

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“Adapt the remedy to the disease” – Chinese Proverb