Manage Your Menopause Symptoms With Acupuncture Treatments in Myrtle Beach

Reduce Menopause Symptoms in a Natural Way

So, the time has come — menopause has finally arrived. Your body is likely going through many changes right now, some of which may be uncomfortable. Additionally, going through menopause can take a toll on your mental state as well, seeing as it’s a big deal! Our team here at Acupuncture Works is here to help ease your menopause symptoms using acupuncture treatments. We take a natural approach to helping you feel more likely yourself. To get started, contact Acupuncture Works in Myrtle Beach today!


What Are the Symptoms of Menopausal Transition and What Causes Them?

  • Anxiety
  • Short menstrual cycles, irregular periods
  • or skipped periods
  • More severe and/or prolonged PMS
  • symptoms
  • Headaches
  • Short menstrual cycles, irregular periods
  • or skipped periods
  • Irritability and/or weepiness
  • Weight gain and difficulty losing weight
  • Lower libido
  • Digestive upset, constipation, bloating
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Hair loss
  • Lower Libido
  • And just generally not feeling like yourself

Help Control Sporadic Changes in Your Body 

During perimenopause, one of the first changes to occur is a reduction in ovulatory cycles or sporadic anovulation. This is because there are fewer follicles available as the ovaries begin their natural decline away from conception. With the decline in follicle count, ovulation becomes more sporadic, leading to lower progesterone levels and erratic pulsations of follicle-stimulating hormone and estrogen. These erratic hormone levels cause symptoms that often precede the hot flashes and night sweats that we commonly associate with menopause. This is called the “early menopausal transition."

Menopause: Management With Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs 

How can you reduce menopausal symptoms and feel better naturally with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine? Many women don’t realize that acupuncture and Chinese medicine are powerful tools for reducing many uncomfortable menopausal symptoms in a natural and effective manner, and can be safely done without the use of hormone replacement therapy.

Herbs & Supplements of Menopause 

Acupuncture is just a piece of the puzzle when it comes to treating menopause effectively. Chinese herbal medicine is another piece that, when combined with acupuncture, offers a powerful one-two punch. We house a full herbal pharmacy in our clinic for our patients based on symptoms and when they are in the menopausal transition. We find that using both acupuncture and herbs helps them feel better much more quickly.

Rely on the Professionals at Acupuncture Works

Menopause can be a really tough time for many women. The mental, physical, and emotional aspects that come along with it are often difficult to face. That’s why our team at Acupuncture Works is here to support you with natural, healing acupuncture therapy. We’ll not only reduce your pain, but we’ll help improve your morale and get you back to feeling like yourself. 

To learn more about our acupuncture treatments for menopause or to schedule your appointment, reach out to the team at Acupuncture Works in Myrtle Beach today!