Meditation For Me

October 27, 2019


Meditation Adds Balance and Peace of Mind

A healthy life includes balance in all areas of your life, and that balance can be achieved with a bit of meditation. Yes, exercise, yes love in our life both socially and spiritually, Nutrition is also a major player. But what about meditating? Patients frequently ask me how to incorporate meditation in their life. They often even say that they have tried and found they just were not very good at it. Here are some key points to know as you embark on this journey.

First, remember meditation is about compassion and mindfulness so be gentle with yourself. You might not be a meditation guru your first go and that’s ok. It is a practice and just like learning anything new you WILL begin to get better over time. I’ve been using meditation in my life for years and sometimes, I even have trouble finding my inner silence. But trying again later I find I can slip easily into my quiet space. Consistency and patience are key.

Second I want you to remember that meditation may look different for you. Sure sitting in the lotus position chanting OM for hours on end is one form of meditation but it certainly doesn’t have to be yours. In fact, there are many forms of meditation. Especially for squirmy folks the benefits of meditation can be achieved by many other activities. Walking, knitting, coloring and even fishing can be considered a meditation practice. Any time you can do something without much thought can be your sweet zen spot. So “trying” to meditate is the exact opposite of what you need to do.

Why should I incorporate meditation in my life you ask?

Health Benefits Galore!

Many styles of meditation can help reduce stress. Meditation can also reduce symptoms in people with stress-triggered medical conditions.

anxiety-related mental health issues like social anxiety, phobias, and obsessive-compulsive behaviors, continued meditation help reduce anxieties

A variety of meditation techniques can help you relax and control the “runaway” thoughts that can interfere with sleep. This can shorten the time it takes to fall asleep and increase sleep quality.

Blood Pressure
Blood pressure decreases not only during meditation but also over time in individuals who meditate regularly. This can reduce strain on the heart and arteries, helping prevent heart disease.

As you begin I would encourage you to start with some guided meditations. This can help the newbie with a place to start. There are loads available for free on And there are also a couple of great apps such as Calm and Headspace. Since these go on your phone you can have tranquility anywhere your journey leads you.

Guided Meditations can vary in length so start by choosing a shorter time. The health benefits meditation can be achieved in just 8 minutes. So as a beginner start small. You will feel less likely frustrated in the beginning.

Everyone starts somewhere and life’s true beauty is about the Journey. Enjoy it!

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