Leslie more or less saved me

Early in 2016 I was diagnosed with a chronic medical condition, and after seven months of working with traditional doctors I was getting worse and they were out of solutions. I had read about others with my condition having success with acupuncture. I was dubious but desperate. I had friends who had success with acupuncture for headaches and back pain, and that made sense to me. But I was doubtful it would help my condition. After asking around, everyone who’s opinion I respected recommended Leslie. I live in NMB, so the trip to Acupuncture Works is an hour each way. But as I said, I was desperate.
In my first consultation, I was shocked that Leslie was so knowledgeable about my specific condition. She provided a TCM explanation for the root cause which seemed logical to me and was more than I was getting from my doctor. So I began my treatments with her with a modicum of hope. But as I continued my treatments with her I began improving, and my hope grew into belief. After four months, I went from despondent to around 90% better. Keep in mind I was deteriorating while relying on Western medicine.
Leslie more or less saved me. I am not sure if acupuncture is the “cure” for everyone’s problem. Nor is it immediate. And there were changes in my lifestyle/diet that I needed to make based on my discussions with Leslie – so there was more to the treatment than just showing up and getting poked, I had to be a full participant in the holistic treatment. But it is working. I love giving positive testimonials for people, products, and services that work. And Leslie was a life saver for me! If you have a condition that traditional western medicine is struggling with, and you have any thoughts of trying acupuncture, Leslie is the practitioner you want to see. I only wish I could give a rating of 6 stars!

– Brian Loftus