My sincere thanks goes out to all associated

I recently visited Acupuncture Works, totally unplanned, and it proved to be a wonderful experience. Upon being referred to the practice on an unrelated matter (for an herbal concoction), I decided, spontaneously, to ask if I might get some acupuncture while there — and my request was granted! Then and there, I was treated by a lovely professional named Leslie, who patiently examined me (with remarkable precision, I might add) before delivering a good, effective acupuncture treatment, which even included some brief massage and bodywork afterward. Likewise, the practice’s receptionist was kind and attentive, and I had zero issues with my unexpected session; plus, Leslie was even able to furnish me the herb I sought, which was not available anywhere else in the area. Also, one more thing I liked about the practice: the office itself, which was clean, calm, and handsomely decorated, and had a good, homey feel to it (that is, it lacked that sterile, clinical air that permeates some medical offices).
All in all, I left with a special kind of satisfaction, that which you just don’t get everyday. Talk about a pleasant surprise!
My sincere thanks goes out to all associated with Acupuncture Works. I am grateful for, and have benefited from, your service. Keep up the good work!

– Aaron G

Trip Advisor